Self-Discipline is Self-Love

I really love listening to motivational talks during my morning workout and this was a quote by Will Smith that made me reflect:

Self-discipline is the definition of self-love

The word discipline may have a negative connotation, but of we think of discipline in the sense of choosing long-term self-respect over immediate gratification, we can see how disciplining yourself is the same as loving yourself.

Everyday we make choices between what is easy and what is in our future best interest.

Do I choose to start my day with an invigorating workout and energize myself? Or do I choose to push the snooze button until I’m starting the day off late and groggy?

Do I take time to prepare a meal that will make my body feel good and healthy? Or do I throw a frozen pizza in the oven because it tastes good enough and is quick?

Do I block out the reasons why I can’t and take the first actionable step towards that dream life I’ve been thinking about for years? Or do I let myself get distracted by any of the millions of things that are fighting for my attention?

A life of self-discipline is harder but it’s easier to live with yourself. A life without self-discipline is easy but makes it harder to live with yourself.

Don’t betray yourself for the gratification that’s in front of you. Instead, respect and love yourself enough to hold on to the belief that you are worthy of your dreams.


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