“Never Lose Your Childish Enthusiasm…”

…It’s the most important thing.”

This is a quote from one of my absolute favorite movies, “Under the Tuscan Sun”. While there are so many lessons in that movie that I like to remember over and over again, the phrase above spoken by Katherine is the most memorable to me.

I find myself more often lately trying to think back to when I was a child about what I liked to do, how I used to spend my days, and how what I remember is so different from my life now. But I suppose that it’s a natural part of becoming an adult. We can’t spend whole days playing outside. The rent would never get paid, bills would pile up, and I’d probably starve to death. But less about the actual differences in what I spend my days doing, it’s the difference in how I feel about my life that the quote above reminds to reflect on. One of the differences I remember about my life as a child compared to my life now is the feeling about my day as I used to wake up. Before I felt happy and alive. I loved school. I loved living. Now, not so much. I wouldn’t say I’m completely depressed and hating life, but it’s a different feeling. A duller, sedated feeling.

I’ve got to get that feeling back. I’ve got to get back my childish enthusiasm.






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